Korean Society for the Study of Obesity

The Mission

  1. Encourage of study and scientific research about obesity
  2. Contribution to development of health, science, and medicine
  3. Promote of friendship and academic exchange among the members


President : Prof. Kee-Hyoung Lee
(Email: khlee218@kumc.or.kr)
AOASO Vice President : Prof .Jeong- Taek Woo
(Email: jtwoo@khu.ac.kr)
Immediate Past President : Moon-Kyu Lee
(Email: leemk@skku.edu)

Board of Directors (2015 -2016)

Chairman : Soon-Jib Yoo
(Email: sjyoo@catholic.ac.kr)
Secretariat : Eunah Lee
(Email: webmaster@kosso.or.kr)
Academic : Cheol-Young Park
Publishing : Kyung-Mook Choi
Planning : Sung-Rae Kim
Research : Min-Seon Kim
Training : Sang-Woo Oh
Finance : ki-Young Lee
International affair : Kyoung-Kon Kim
Education : Kyu-Rae Lee
Public relation : Jae-Heon Kang
Government policy : Dae-Jung Kim
Foreign Policy : Keun-Sang Yum
Insurance and Legislation : Seon-Mee Kim
Practical Guideline : Sung-Soo Kim
Information : Chong-Hwa Kim
Private Practice Physician : Yeon-Hee Cho
Metabolic Syndrome : Chang-Beom Lee
Pediatric Obesity : So-Jeong Jeong
Bariatric Surgery : Joo-Ho Lee
Behavioral Therapy : Hye-Jung Shin
Food-Nutritional Therapy : Eun-Mi Kim
Exercise - Physical Therapy : Yun A Shin
Auditor : Doo-Man Kim
Immediate Past Chairman : Jeong-Taek Woo
Other Contact
Chairman, Board of Directors KSSO : Prof. Soon-Jib Yoo
(Email: sjyoo@catholic.ac.kr)
Director, Committee of International Affairs : Prof. KyongKon Kim (Leonard)
(Email: zaduplum@aim.com)
Director, Committee of General Affairs : Prof. HyukSang Kwon
(Email: drkwon@catholic.ac.kr)


EunAh Lee (webmaster@kosso.or.kr)
AeLi Lee (kosso@kosso.or.kr)

Full address :Korean Society for the Study of Obesity, 53, Chungjeongno 2-ga, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea

Tel / Fax numbers :82-2-364-0886/82-2-364-0883

Association Website :http://www.kosso.or.kr/eng/