During the past decades, several new associations from the Asia-Oceania region have become members of the International Associations for the Study on Obesity (IASO). The idea of organizing the scientists of the region into a federation was explored (when?) with the support of IASO. AOASO was formerly organized during the 8th International Congress on Obesity held in Paris, France in 1998. Six countries were the original signatories to the formation of AOASO, namely Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Philippines.

AOASO will operate as a simple organization with practical and realistic goals to cope with the needs of Asia-Oceania region. It will hold regular meetings and open communication between members of the region.



the representatives of scientists of the Asia-Oceania region, is determined to participate vigorously in the efforts of our respective countries to enhance the qualifying life of our people.


to collaborate and mobilize our resources for a concerted action to combat obesity in the region.


through representatives present at the inaugural meeting in Paris, France in 1998, to establish an organization of scientists of the region and the statutes, thereof.



The organization shall be known as the ASIA-OCEANIA ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF OBESITY, here in after referred to as AOASO.


The objectives of AOASO are:

  1. to foster international fellowship among scientists of the region and promote collaboration particularly in the promotion of research, education and action programmes.
  2. to provide a platform to exchange information and experiences in obesity research and action programmes among the member countries, through periodic meetings, national congresses and Regional Congresses on obesity.
  3. to act as a liaison between the member countries and the International Association on the Study on Obesity, International Obesity Task Force as well as the relevant United Nations Agencies.
  4. to develop activity regarded as helpful and appropriate in achieving the objectives of AOASO


  1. All countries geographically situated in the Asia-Oceania region with duly recognized national obesity association/society are eligible to be a member of AOASO.
  2. Countries without a national obesity association but have NGO’s whose objectives are common to AOASO can be accorded a member status
  3. Interested individuals who are known for his/her work on obesity may also become individual members upon approval by the AOASO Council and may attend the Council meeting as an observer.


  1. The work of AOASO shall be directed by the General Assembly/Council composed of representatives appointed in writing by member countries.
  2. Voting in the General Assembly/Council shall be by member countries and each shall have only one vote. In view of ANZOS being an umbrella body for Australia and New Zealand, each country will have voting rights. Proxy representing their respective member country are eligible to cast a vote. Observers are not eligible to vote.
  3. The affairs of AOASO shall be conducted by the duly elected council members. The President of AOASO will also hold the post of vice-President of IASO.
  4. The Secretariat of AOASO will be located in the country of the current Secretary of the Association. In the initial stage, all expenses of the Secretariat shall be borne by the host country.


  1. The Statutes of AOASO may be amended, altered or revoked by a two-third majority vote of members present at a General Assembly/Council.
  2. Proposals for amendments, alteration or revoke must be submitted in writing by members to the President and Secretary at least four (4) months before the General Assembly/Council at which it is to be considered.


  1. The General Assembly shall be held every four years, preferably midway between two General Assemblies of the IASO.
  2. The agenda will be prepared by the Secretary in consultation with the President and Vice-President and shall be distributed at least two months before the meeting. The agenda may be amended or altered with two-third majority vote during the meeting.
  3. An invitation to send an observer to the General Assembly may be extended to IASO, IOTF, UN Agencies and other deem appropriate.


  1. The Council shall be the governing body of AOASO and shall manage and determine the affairs of the Association. The Council shall hold its first meeting immediately after its election. Consequent Council meeting may be held during IASO or at some similar occasion which shall not incur cost on AOASO.
  2. The Council shall be elected once every four years, and shall be composed of:
    1. President
    2. Immediate Past President
    3. Vice-President
    4. Secretary
    5. Treasurer
    6. Council Members (one representative from each member country)
    7. Past-Presidents of AOASO will automatically be an “Honorary” Council member of AOASO.
  3. The duties of the officers are:
    1. The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of AOASO and may represent the Association in every respect. He shall preside over the General Assembly and Council meetings and perform other functions as may be necessary in attaining the objectives of the Association.
    2. The Vice-President shall assume all duties, powers and responsibilities of the President in the absence of the latter.
    3. The Secretary will be the official recorder of the Council and General Assembly meetings. He shall serve notices prepare suggested agendas and perform other duties as maybe assigned to him by the President.
    4. The Treasurer is responsible for the detailed financial records of AOASO and shall submit such records for inspection and approval by the Council and shall assist in planning annual budget for approval by the Council.
  4. Election of Officers
    1. The term of office of the Council member shall be four (4) years.
    2. The President, Vice-President, Secretary shall not be eligible for re-election. Treasurer is eligible to hold post for two (2) terms only.