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The Agenda for the Council Meeting in Dublin on 18th May 2023
Posted at : 9-May-2023


Council Meeting of the Asia-Oceania Association for the Study of Obesity (AOASO) 18th May 2023 Liffey meeting room 3, Convention Centre Dublin 12:00 - 14:00 hrs.

1. Welcome and apologies for absence
2. Confirmation of last Council meeting (virtual) held on 8th. April 2023
3. President Update
     3.1 Clarification of council members representing member societies
     3.2 Asking members to submit applications to host AOCO 2025
4. Cooperation with KSSO (will be suggested by KSSO)
5. Membership
     5.1 Consideration of new membership candidates
     5.2 Membership fees
6. Funding plan
     6.1 General plan
     6.2 AOASO Partners
7. Establishment of Committees
     7.1 General affairs committee
     7.2 Scientific committee
     7.3 Prevention committee
     7.4 Clinical care committee
     7.5 Policy committee
8. AOCO 2023 (will be presented by HKOS)
     8.1 Update on the preparation status
     8.2 The Rising Star Symposium of AOCO 2023
     8.3 Topics of Presidents' update of AOCO 2023
9. Any other business
10. Date and venue for next Council meeting (at AOCO 2023 in Hong Kong)